SPW Hero Statement

SPW Disease Prevention Engineering provides Services and Products designed to make a difference in reducing Healthcare Acquired Disease (HAD).

SPW Disease Prevention Engineering, LLC (SPW) is a Professional Engineering organization located in Arnold, Maryland, USA; and offers disease prevention solutions globally in the form of disinfection equipment, engineered processes, facility design, and education, to combat the growing problem of antibiotic resistance bacteria and its transmission to hospital patients and staff. We include both Services and Products.

The most significant medical problem of the 21st Century is the loss of the greatest medical advance in history, antibiotics.

Today, hospitals are breeding grounds for super-bacteria that are increasingly resistant to antibiotics. SPW’s vision is to be the world’s leading solutions provider to assist with the prevention and control of Healthcare Acquired Disease.

A crucial advantage of SPW’s technology is that it is the only methodology that is controllable and measurable for the killing of pathogenic contaminated hospitals. Importantly, the D-Fighter is the only device that can operate using pre-determined ozone dosing, avoiding the need to take repeated measurements to ensure environmental disinfection. This technology can be used to supply facility-wide disinfection and is scalable for single room use. Our technology can be used remotely across various platforms enabling remote operation and monitoring via Wi-Fi communications. The SPW products can be used by any consumer using its built-in control panel or remotely with a laptop, computer, PDA, or cell phone. Accordingly, our advanced technology allows for the delivery of the highest quality and cost-effective solutions to HADs.

SPW’s goals are to enact solutions through provisioning healthcare facilities with the tools to enable them not only to fight infections but HADs as well. Ultimately, the results of SPW’s efforts will be to end the cycle of retransmission of genetically enhanced pathogens by removing them at the point of original deposition.

Our services are directed at identifying engineering problems that prevent a hospital from behaving as a clean therapeutic environment for the staff and patients.

It is imperative to make the changes necessary in medical care and in the design of medical facilities to reduce the prevalence of Healthcare Acquired Disease (HAD) in hospitals and communities around the world before present antibiotics become useless.
SPW is now determining the State-of-the-Art Design for the healthcare industry. We teamed with the IFord Institute and have completed the first text on this subject, “Engineering Healthy Hospitals, an Introduction to Disease Prevention Engineering.

(available from www.IFord.Org)

Pathogenic antibiotic resistance affects everyone.