Engineered Disease Prevention Products

These products are for use in healthcare, aircraft/ship, athletic facilities and other high risk locations for contracting disease through contact and respiration of pathogens. Engineered portable and stationary products are designed to create safe environments for patients, staff, and patrons. They are designed to kill and gather pathogens using ozone, ultraviolet light and HEPA filtration providing the highest level of quality assurance in industry. SPW’s family of products meet the high safety standards for international healthcare use.

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Portable HEALTHCARE Disinfection Equipment
SPW‘s main process working fluid is Ozone. Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectants with the following advantages over other methods:

Ozone can be created, dispensed, measured, controlled, and destroyed within a single piece of equipment with little or no residual damage to the site, giving versatility that no other process agent offers.

A. All Ozone Disease Fighter – The All Ozone Disease Fighter can remediate any pathogen laden site simply by preforming the normalizing prep and operating the machine according to its instructions. This machine is specifically designed to ubiquitously disinfect hospital rooms and hospital wards. Disease Fighter with HEPA filter package. This machine is designed as a supplemental device to aid the continuing process of cleanliness necessary for disease prevention.

Must be operated only in unoccupied spaces.

B. Disease Fighter HEPA – This machine supplies high volume, recirculating, intensely filtered air to patient rooms. The high efficiency particulate air filter can trap pathogens leading to a cleaner environment and is used as a temporary means of aiding in an area suspected of being contaminated.

C. Disease Fighter Ultraviolet with HEPA – (General design is similar to Disease Fighter HEPA). This Ultraviolet device is designed to constantly disinfect the interior of the machine on the input side of the HEPA filter. Pathogens that are captured within the filters can be destroyed while the machine supplies recirculating clean air to the patient’s room. Internal UV radiation is used to destroy pathogens that have lodged themselves within the HEPA filter.

D. Disease Fighter Portable Ozone Mitigation Device with HEPA – This is a recirculating device designed and built to remove stray ozone molecules from the environment and is used as a backup safety near rooms under ozone remediation.

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